Bespoke Music and Sound Design

Here you'll find a selection of projects I've worked on as a Composer and or Sound Designer.
A series of 3 teasers shot in Paris & Hong Kong for the vintage luggage design company HALO. Star-crossed lovers in a doomed affair. A woman pieces together her dreams and memories of a love lost. Designer Olga Dolapsakis commissioned these short viral ads to introduce the VOYAGER series of vintage luggage during the world launch.
Directed & shot on Super8 by Alex Chomicz.


A man wakes from sleep convinced that he has killed someone. A mysterious journey into the troubled mind of a guilt-ridden catholic.

RISING SUNS ( Sound Design )

Video Art project - for "KICK OFF " - commissioned by Qld Public Art to be installed at the new Metricon Stadium.A 2 minute video, shot on the Phantom camera at 1200 frames per second, featuring players from "The Suns" AFL team rising like golden orbs from beneath a mysterious dark horizon.

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