Australian based Composer & Producer Robert Chomicz is the World Music Artist behind the name GAVRI. 

"Gavri has various meanings, notably the one that stood out for me was from the Bheel community of Southern Rajasthan, India. They have an annual festival called Gavri which to them symbolises a celebration of life. These few words seemed to sum up for me what my music and visuals were trying to communicate, a celebration of life, culture and the people I meet on my own journey through life."

Gavri is a musician on a journey of fusion, uniting the traditional instruments and exotic voices of the East with the sounds and production techniques of the West. The result is a truly multicultural music, music with a history and also a future.


Gavri's expression is both audio and visual, much of the inspiration has come from traveling to and observing the many diverse cultures around the world. "I'll hire local musicians to contribute musically. I also love recording interesting street sounds to mix in with my compositions, there are no real rules. Many times I've chanced upon someone singing to themselves,  like the cleaning lady at my pension in Tanzania, or the girl from Cameroon sitting opposite me on an overnight train through southern Italy, just normal people, not necessarily professional musicians, but people with something to express or communicate. It's this process of exploring and discovering that keeps me hungry for the next encounter."

His debut album 'Global Inspiration' is a musical testament to his experiences in Tanzania, Kenya and India where many of the original voices were recorded. From being questioned by police while capturing street sounds in Mumbai to recording some very enthusiastic Tanzanian locals in Zanzibar, the GAVRI journey has been a memorable one. 


The self produced album melds cutting edge beats and smooth electronica with diverse instrumentation and vocals from around the world, giving it an organic and uplifting sound with a modern groove. 


"Music has given me the opportunity of meeting extraordinary people. Each of them has shown me a different perspective, a different angle with which I have been able to broaden my own horizons, leading me a step further into yet another unexplored territory". 



Earlier in his career Robert was involved in mixing live sound for bands along with writing, performing and recording original compositions. As he developed an affinity for the production aspects of music, he began working on solo projects. "There's nothing more satisfying than being able to create an entire song or soundscape as opposed to only being responsible for a single instrument". 


As his studio grew so did the variety of musical projects he was involved with. From composing music for film & Television projects to working as a Sound Designer and location Sound Recordist, he has never stopped broadening his musical horizon.

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